Research and Reports

Research and Reports

A finger on the pulse of innovation.

Anticipate, Evaluate and Provide a Basis for Discussion

What will the financial world look like in 5, 10 or 15 years? Which technologies will become dominant? What role will data and artificial intelligence play? We’re always thinking about the future, and we share our knowledge in various publications like white papers or reports in all the areas related to financial services. Our white papers include analyses of developments in the finance industry, new methods or specific problems that our clients are facing. We report the facts and then assess them on the basis of conversations with experts from the world of academia and the financial industry. Our aim is to initiate discussions and provide insights.

White Paper Series: Picture Of The Future

Our world is changing. The white paper series of SIX aims to assess the potential impact of the many complex and concurrent developments that are affecting the industry today. “Picture of The Future“ describes the future in terms of possible scenarios. 


In our reports, we look into issues that impact SIX and its clients.

We regularly conduct surveys, the results of which we publish in this section.

Together with W.I.R.E. – a think tank associated with Zurich’s ETH university – the Swiss Stock Exchange has developed potential theses, scenarios and action areas for Switzerland’s future financial marketplace. The key findings have been published in a book – “True Transformers.” – which is now available for sale (in German only).

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