PAY edition of September 2023

PAY edition of September 2023

PAY, September 2023
  • The right strategy in digital payments. Whether CBDC, card, or account-based, the success of any payment solution depends on the benefits and incentives. This includes ease of use, invisible and autonomous payments, and above all the highest level of service.
  • Payment experiences that merge the physical, digital, and biological – Future Talk with a French payments expert.
  • No matter how you look at it, eBill is not only the most efficient, but also the most sustainable invoicing option. 
  • While only 6% of SBB customers paid their invoices with eBill in 2021, 22.5% do so today. How did the Swiss Federal Railways achieve this?
  • BIS testifies to the "collapse of cryptocurrencies".
  • SNB launches pilot project with digital Swiss franc central bank money.
  • What’s in for the Swiss Association for Swift & Financial Standards?
  • How a “turd” became a Swiss export hit.

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