PAY edition of March 2024

PAY edition of March 2024

  • A digital franc for the people? Swiss banks are already planning for a feasibility study.
  • Strong and broad partnerships. According to Pascale Bruderer, former President of the Swiss National Council, this is absolutely essential for a generally accepted CBDC in Switzerland.
  • One man, one mission, or how the president of a Swiss creditor protection organization works to prevent economic damage.
  • Swiss RTGS systems at the top. Snapshots of international transaction volumes.
  • New EU regulation on instant payments – also relevant for non-euro SEPA countries.
  • CGI delay and the impact on Switzerland.
  • Secure online identification. Will the Swiss pilot with Google soon become an industry standard?
  • The eBill-enabled QR-bill: This is how the conversion works.


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