Experts from SIX and other representatives of the financial center talk about their inspirations.

SIX Podcast – Season 3

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been with Julinda Gllavata throughout her career. From her PhD in image recognition to her work on early driver assistance systems and her entry into the financial sector, the topic never left her. She not only explains promising applications of AI in the financial sector, but also why Mother Teresa would have been delighted by the possibilities of AI. Be it because, despite all the technology, humans are still at work or because, with many small changes, great things can be achieved.

Florian Schütz is the first federal cybersecurity delegate, a position that was created in 2019. In this role, Florian Schütz heads the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and coordinates the national strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyberrisks. He emphasizes that science fiction will always remain storytelling, but can certainly make us think about current phenomena. 

Dr. Mara C. Harvey has 21 years of experience in wealth management at UBS. Her work also led to the publication of the book “Women and Risk: Re-writing the Rule” in 2018. From then on, at the latest, advocating for financial literacy among women and the topic of financial parenting has become an integral part of her life. 

SIX Podcast – Season 2

Sven Siat, Head Connectivity at SIX, is not a die-hard Formula 1 fan. He got to know Valtteri Bottas through the Netflix documentary Formula 1 – Drive to Survive. He was particularly impressed by the down-to-earth nature of the Monegasque by choice. Down-to-earthness is something you don’t really expect in the proverbial racing circus. Typical of Formula 1 is rather the constant drive for improvement, for innovation – and the degree of standardization, especially with regard to automotive technology. 

Adrian Perrig, a professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, was impressed by the results photographer Ansel Adams achieved, and just as impressed with his systematic approach to his work. He nearly became a professional photographer as well, but decided on a career in IT.

Sabine Döbeli is CEO of Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF). The association aims to further strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading voice in the field of sustainable finance, and thus contribute to a sustainable and flourishing economy.

In triathlon, you need stamina, a positive mindset and the will to overcome any obstacle. As an ex-triathlete, Alexander Verbeck knows this very well. These qualities also help him as Head Cash Ecosystem in the Banking Services business unit of SIX.

With her blog “Miss Finance”, Swiss Angela Mygind wants to encourage women to take their financial planning into their own hands. Because when it comes to investing, women have different needs than men – and they want to understand a financial product in much more detail before they invest.

Christian Bahr, Head Index Services at SIX explains why every detail matters when it comes to SMI, IBEX 35 and co. and that it is not only these leading indices that are in demand. 

SIX Podcast – Season 1

Berta Ares explains why Margaret Hamilton can be a role model for more than just her. Everyone is called upon to master the challenges of today with technology. As Managing Director at BME Inntech, she tries to do her part for the good of the financial markets and the clients of SIX.

Jürg Müller explains how John Law turned debt into money and how this principle still shapes the financial world today. As co-author of the book The End of Banking, he has extensively studied the “wiring” of the banking world and developed a proposal on how future crashes could be prevented.

As a professor of business and IT at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Sita Mazumder conducts research on artificial intelligence at the interface of business and society and develops sustainable business models for the digital age. She explains what “digital” means for the old economy in particular and emphasizes openness to FinTechs – and the importance of trust.

Andrea Weidemann, the director of the Swiss Finance Museum in the SIX headquarters building, has a flair for entrepreneurial stories. She describes how she brings historical securities to life in the first and only finance museum in Switzerland.

The Financial Information business at SIX is in a similar position like Amazon. Sam Sundera, the Head Future Business in the respective business unit explains where SIX, too, has opportunities to make inroads into adjacent sectors, and it, too, can build on its achievements.

The leadership style of Johan Cruyff found expression in his conceptualization of “total football”. Under this philosophy, defenders, for example, also take over as attackers. SIX CEO Jos Dijsselhof explains how he internalized this type of culture in which collaboration is more important than individual talent and how it is lived at SIX.