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SIX FinTech Ventures

SIX supports national and international start-ups from the world of finance that have ideas and solutions for new services, design more efficient processes or capture new customer groups.

SIX FinTech Venture is a CHF 50 Million corporate venture capital fund that invests in global early stage startups. Our aim is to provide the Swiss Financial Center with cutting edge technologies, business models, and solutions that meet customer expectations. We are the trusted partner for start-ups looking to grow and establish in the financial industry.

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What We Are Looking For

Companies that Provide Value to the Swiss Financial Center

Small Independent Companies that Can Grow on Their Own

Highly Scalable Start-Ups


Our Investment Focus

SIX invests to develop promising start-ups in the financial services space. We provides the expertise of our teams and promise a long term vision to drive a shared success.

Start-ups need to meet certain requirements to be eligible as a candidate for SIX FinTech Ventures. SIX wants to work with small and highly scalable independent companies that can grow on their own. WE focus on companies that provide value to the Swiss financial center.

Portfolio Companies

Current Portfolio Companies

Our Network

Aside from investing, SIX FinTech Ventures provides coaching, consulting and offers valuable networking connections across the financial industry. With its experts and an international shareholder structure of over 120 banks, SIX has the tools and resources needed to support start-ups throughout their entire growth journey.

SIX Is an Essential Partner and Sponsor of the F10

SIX is a founding member and partner of the F10 Incubator & Accelerator. F10 advises start-ups on setting up companies and supports their collaboration with various market participants. The accelerator speeds up ideas by bringing heads together and creating new products for the financial industry. SIX regularly sends internal start-ups to F10.

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