Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

What Sets us Apart Drives us Ahead

We Value a Culture of Diversity

SIX invests in bright minds who work together to shape the future of financial markets. To do this, we need employees who look at ideas from different angles, bring in diverse perspectives and deliver innovative solutions. We are committed to being an inclusive company, where people can succeed based on drive, merit, and contributions, regardless of their demographic.  

Diversity Activities at SIX

The history of SIX is rooted in Switzerland, but as a global company we are proud to include and connect employees from 19 different countries and more than 80 nationalities. We take pride in our people and the culture we shape. Here are some examples of how we celebrate diversity and invest in equity and inclusion:


As a global company, we are actively taking steps in being a good citizen. Our goal is to drive positive and sustainable change in the financial industry. Our employees play an integral part in making this change happen.  

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