Location Pfingstweidstrasse 110, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
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About This Event

For the third time in a row the National Cyber Security Event will take place in November of 2022 hosted by SIX, the Swiss Risk Association (SRA) and the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI). The goal of the event series is to inform the public about Cyber Risk and Cyber Security developments and trends every year. 

This year the event will focus mainly on the Cyber crime in the new geo-political world and what Switzerland can do about it againts it. 

Topics part of the event: 

  • Cyber crime is booming and the current geo-political situation is not helping
  • Impact on Swiss Financial Services sector; FS – CSC as one answer to counteract
  • On an organizational level, offensive security increases protection against cyber crime
  • What does that mean for cyber risk management? What is needed for Swiss organizations, for Switzerland and internationally?

Find the full agenda and presenters details on the following link: