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Join us for a pivotal discussion on the importance and the future of Corporate Actions data that is specifically targeted to key participants in the private bank and wealth & asset management sectors.

Hosted by Hubbis in collaboration with SIX, this exclusive webinar will feature insights from Yogita Mehta, Commercial Product Director for SIX Global Corporate Actions, and from a handful of market practitioners and experts who will take part in a detailed panel discussion on the key issues at play. The Webinar will take place on Zoom on  June 12th at 14:00 Hong Kong / Singapore time.

Yogita Mehta, based in London, brings her extensive expertise in corporate actions, crucial for both front- and back-office executives at private banks, custodians, asset managers, independent wealth firms, and other key players within the wealth management sector. , this webinar promises to provide valuable insights into the evolution of corporate actions data services and their impact on wealth management.

Together, Mehta and the panel members will analyse and discuss the many significant challenges and innovations in corporate actions, data, packaging and delivery that affect wealth management professionals in the back and front offices, as these matters directly affect the service delivered to the end clients. Mehta and the panel will drill down into how timely and accurate corporate actions data is essential for effective decision-making and maintaining client trust and satisfaction.

The discussion will also cover the strategic direction of optimal corporate actions data services, including collaboration with specialist technology partners, alignment with different types of customers, and the vital need for precision in sourcing and data handling, as well as the key benefits of technological advances in automating data processes, including the use of AI and machine learning to eliminate manual processes and improve outcomes.

The webinar is designed for all professionals involved in post-trade processing involved in post-trade processing, including personnel from back offices of the banks, custody, asset managers, independent wealth firms, family offices and also brokerage houses. And remember also that front-office executives, including client-facing bankers and relationship managers, will also find the discussion immensely beneficial, as the integration of corporate actions data directly influences client interactions and service quality.

Why Attend?

  • Gain Expert Insights: Learn from Yogita Mehta's extensive experience in corporate actions and how it shapes the services SIX provides to the wealth management industry.
  • Understand Industry Challenges: Explore the complexities of managing timely and accurate corporate action data and how these can affect both the back-office and, importantly, the front-office operations and client service.
  • Discover Technological Innovations: Hear about the latest advances in automating corporate actions processes that could revolutionise your operations and client service delivery.

The webinar will also include a Q&A session where delegates can pose some questions directly to Yogita, to panel members and gain tailored advice for your specific challenges.

Organized by Hubbis

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