About Us

For more than 90 years, SIX has provided financial data and services the industry needs: high-quality data, from all over the world, delivered at the right time, in the right way. From our core reference data on securities, prices, corporate events, tax and regulatory data, to our flagship indices and bespoke benchmarks, SIX offers added-value services that smoothly integrate with your workflows. We free your time and attention to spend on growing your business.

Visit us on booth no. 64-65 to hear more on:

Highest quality global corporate actions and reference data

Industry leading sanctioned securities monitoring service

Reliable global market data delivered in real-time, intraday, end-of-day and time series formats securities pricing

Flexible delivery options including API, Cloud, third party and SFTP

Local EST direct client support for the best customer experience


Accurate, global tax and regulatory data


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Meet the Team

David Heigel
Head of Sales US

Mobile: +1 203 570 0212
E-mail: david.heigel@six-group.com

Nanda Kumar
Head of Sales Consulting US

Mobile: +1 203 252 4913
E-mail: nanda.kumar@six-group.com

Chris Violandi
Senior Sales Manager

Mobile: +1 617 959 9879
E-mail: chris.violandi@six-group.com