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In an ever more complex world where regulation and compliance are increasingly challenging, the global investment community faces an intensifying problem as the number and scale of sanctioned securities, companies and individuals continue to rise almost exponentially. This surging tide of directly or indirectly black-listed or off-limits investments stems from the proliferating geopolitical problems the world faces.

For compliance teams across the globe, there is growing recognition of the need for more robust methods to mitigate risks around sanctions and the implications for exposure to financial instruments of all types.

Join us for this exclusive webinar organized with Hubbis and get the latest insights on the challenges of identifying sanctioned securities and, ultimately, how to invest with confidence: scrubbing the beneficial ownership structures, excluding false positives, identifying truly tainted securities and even fulfilling specific suitability criteria.


This webinar will be proposed via Zoom on Tuesday the 19th of March.

  • 3:00pm HKT Introduction / the Sanction Landscape and its Challenges
  • 3:30pm HKT Panel Discussion
  • 3:50pm HKT Q&A

Organized by Hubbis

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