Credit Suisse Asset Management has introduced the first index fund on the recently launched SPI ESG Multi Premia Index from SIX, which reflects the growing market demand to shift investments from traditional to ESG financial instruments.

Credit Suisse Asset Management is now providing the CSIF (CH) Equity SPI ESG Multi Premia Blue on the SPI ESG Multi Premia Index.

With the introduction of the new SPI ESG Multi Premia Index family, which comprises seven SPI ESG Single Premia Indices and one SPI ESG Multi Premia Index, SIX has further extended its ESG index universe. These new indices enable the diversification over several sources of risk premia.

Dr. Christian Bahr, Head Index Services at SIX, highlights: “The conversion of this index fund underlines the trend towards ESG and is another example that ESG screenings can be applied to different asset classes, investment styles and traditional indices as well as to strategy indices.” Dr. Valerio Schmitz-Esser, Head of Index Solutions at Credit Suisse Asset Management, adds: “Today hardly any investor can escape the topic of ESG. It is therefore logical to align our index fund on the SPI Multi Premia with the SPI ESG Multi Premia Index.”

The SPI ESG Multi Premia Index allows a broader diversification and creates additional potential for returns. The individual seven single-premium indices are calculated on the basis of the SPI ESG Index. The components of the SPI ESG Multi Premia Index are the superset of all seven SPI ESG Single Premia Indices combined and weighted by equal contribution to risk. The stocks are selected based on statistical analysis of individual factors. These factors are value, size, momentum, residual momentum, reversal, low risk and quality.

Further information on the new SPI ESG Multi Premia Index from SIX, including its methodology and rules is available here.

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