CloudQuant will integrate several unique datasets including SIX ESG Performance Data, Market and Reference Data, and complex US Tax data for IRS Section 871(m) and Section 1446(f) ahead of the 2023/ 2024 tax changes that pose a new challenge for non-US participants trading in the market. SIX data will be available in the CloudQuant Data Marketplace, which showcases over 14,000 unique datasets.

"Our collaboration delivers significant added value to a client’s processes by seamlessly moving from data to data-driven decision making with fully integrated quant research capabilities. Increasing data availability and streamlining data access is a key commitment to our customers, and therefore our partnership with CloudQuant makes complete sense."

-- Sam Sundera, Head Future Business, SIX

"The addition of the superior datasets from SIX to our vast catalog and available streaming through our Liberator Data Warehouse and Fabric will offer new analytics capabilities to our clients who want to utilize the power of tax and compliance, market, reference and ESG data to drive their investment returns."

-- Morgan Slade, CEO and Founder, CloudQuant

The partnership with CloudQuant and SIX advances both firms’ efforts to make state-of-the-art datasets easily accessible to a broad range of market participants. Contact us or Marli Welch from CloudQuant for more information.

About CloudQuant
CloudQuant is an Alternative Data, Research, and Technology provider on a mission to deliver data solutions to global financial services and B2B clients. Our Liberator enterprise data warehouse and data fabric empower organizations to realize the power of historical and streaming data. Thousands of high-value datasets are accessible directly to researchers through a single integration. CloudQuant’s data advisors and research team utilize artificial intelligence to sift through massive quantities of alternative data to locate valuable sources and provide clients with data intelligence, scouting, and analytics services. CloudQuant simplifies data engineering and delivers data in a production-ready format.

About SIX

SIX operates and develops infrastructure services for the Swiss and Spanish Stock Exchanges, for Post-Trade Services, Banking Services and Financial Information with the aim of raising efficiency, quality and innovative capacity across the entire value chain of the Swiss and Spanish financial centers. The company is owned by its users (120 banks). With a workforce of 3,685 employees and a presence in 20 countries, it generated operating income of CHF 1.5 billion and Group net profit of CHF 73.5 million in 2021.