SIX, the global provider of financial information, offers a complete range of data delivery solutions: from bulk-based repository feeds to on-demand flat files, cloud solutions and APIs. Among this diverse portfolio, our solution for delivering fully encoded files appeared to be the most suitable one for obtaining, on demand, the Forex and reference rates needed to fuel the myDiapason platform. In fact, thanks to its usage flexibility and ease of integration, it allows to receive in a request-response mode the reference and pricing data for Diapason's master files at any time, even when they change.

This collaboration enables users of the myDiapason TRMS platform to benefit from the high-quality financial data provided by SIX, whether they need to countervalue cash or Forex exposures, perform accounting conversion of currency transactions, or handle middle and back-office processes such as interest-rate fixing or valuation of securities positions.

Thanks to this partnership, Diapason's customers seamlessly benefit from high-quality market data, without having to manage the data collection processes on their own.

The integration between SIX and Diapason covers interest rate fixings, foreign exchange and mutual fund net asset values. Complementary categories of market data will be added at a later stage.

"We were impressed by the attentiveness and responsiveness of our contacts in the SIX teams, which played a large part in the successful integration of our two solutions," says Frédéric Saunier, Managing Director of Diapason.

Alain Berthou, Sales Director, Financial information, SIX, adds: "SIX has been a recognized provider of financial information to capital market players for over 90 years. This partnership with Diapason is an opportunity for us to offer, through the myDiapason platform, our data to corporate treasurers, helping them to make informed decisions on the best way to grow their available capital."

"This partnership with SIX illustrates our determination to offer our customers a unique, integrated, innovative solution tailored to their constantly evolving needs," concludes Frédéric Saunier.

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