SIX was recognized for being the Best in Class for Data Services; Best in Class for Technology and  Best in Survey - Agent Bank of the Year.  

The accolade from Global Custodian is a testament to the numerous enhancements SIX has implemented in its business model recently. Over the past several years, these strategic improvements have significantly bolstered the company’s operations and service offerings.

Most recently, SIX has engaged in a collaborative agreement with Korea Securities Depository (KSD) via its subsidiary, SIX SIS. This partnership, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding, aims to enhance collaboration in the domains of securities depository and settlement. The agreement outlines a mutual commitment between SIX and KSD to bolster financial market growth, encourage cross border investments, and explore opportunities for joint development.

On the technology side, SIX lately updated its main post trade system for the Swiss securities settlement (SECOM). After many months of planning, development, preparation and test activities, the migration of the SECOM workload from a Mainframe into a Private-Cloud Linux Environment was completed successfully.

The move of SECOM from Mainframe to Linux was a strategic decision as switching to a state-of-the art software development infrastructure based on actual industry standards will provide many long-term advantages to SIX. Usage of Datawarehouse technology and provisioning of additional SECOM databases dedicated for data analytics will make access to vital business data faster and easier, strengthen the position of SIX as provider of new business solutions and additional business data within the investment banking eco system.

 “Client service is central to everything we do and we are a client driven organisation. Our focus is on delivering a leading and bespoke services to our customers.   Developing new and innovative solutions is essential if providers are to retain and win business in this increasingly competitive market. The awards are testament to the excellent work SIX is doing here.” said Javier Hernani, Head Securities Services, SIX..