The milestone of 1'500 listed ETFs reached by the Swiss Stock Exchange in May 2019 is obvious evidence of the continued growth in the popularity of exchange-traded investment products. In order to keep track of the growing range of ETFs, ETPs and tracker certificates, we recommend reading the current ETP & Indexing Guide 2019/2020 (in German) with two articles by representatives of the Swiss Stock Exchange.

New Growth Impulses Thanks to Crypto ETPs

The popularity of ETPs listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange received a boost with the launch of Amun's first crypto ETP, ETP HODL, on the Crypto Basket Index on 21 November 2018. Since then, further new listings have offered investors additional opportunities to participate in the development of crypto currencies and crypto indices. With 14'000 transactions and a turnover of CHF 340 million generated by these products as of 31 August 2019, the Swiss Stock Exchange is currently the world's leading regulated trading venue for crypto products.

Imminent Milestones

The next milestones are already emerging. In 2020, the Swiss Stock Exchange will celebrate two anniversaries: 20 years of ETFs and 10 years of ETPs. Further growth can be expected in both product segments along the way. The unbroken demand for passive investment instruments is driving the increase in the number and variety of products, invested assets and trading stats.

Sustained Momentum in the ETF Segment

In his foreword, Christian Reuss, Head of Sales in the Securities & Exchanges business unit of SIX, discusses the ETF record and explains how the Swiss Stock Exchange has developed into one of the leading global ETF destinations since the launch of the segment in 2000, and is one of Europe's top 3 trading venues today. Christian Reuss also discusses current product trends such as sustainability and Smart Beta.

Open for Innovation

The growing selection and current trends are also the subject of an interview with Danielle Reischuk, Senior ETFs & ETPs Sales Manager in the Securities & Exchanges business unit of SIX. She lists the strengths of the Swiss financial centre, including the outstanding trading conditions and the attractive mix of products, liquidity and market participants on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Danielle Reischuk also provides insights into recently introduced new features such as the introduction of a closing auction and Iceberg orders for ETFs.

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