As a new education partner, SIX offers a wide range of courses related to stock exchange, financial markets, regulations and compliance to around 1'000 SAAM members. Increased customer demand, regulatory requirements and constantly changing financial markets require continuous further education and training. The training offered by SIX provides current and practical knowledge delivered in a compact format.

The Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) has prepared a qualifications profile for asset managers in the context of the new acts: FinIA and FinSA. This job profile is based on a comprehensive expertise and industry know-how as well as the close relation of the SAAM with crucial players on the financial market.

Selected courses of SIX are recognized as part of the SAAM continuous further education and training program and allow to achieve the title of a "Qualified Independent Wealth Manager VSV SAAM" if respective qualifications are met. On the training platform of the association, the association members can book courses directly and receive respective credit points from the SAAM. In addition, the courses of SIX constitute recertification courses recognized by the SAQ as part of the "Certification Client Advisor Bank" certification program.

Lorenzo Martino, Head Client Education, Securities & Exchanges, SIX: "In the changing financial markets environment, continuous further education and training is gaining in importance. This is underscored by the sustainable cooperation between the VSV and SIX as educational partners."

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