The ETF segment on the Swiss Stock Exchange, launched almost 20 years ago as one of the first in Europe, continues to grow. In 2019, ETF turnover exceeded the previous year’s figure by 24% and generated trading turnover of CHF 124,7 billion – a new all-time high. At 1'040'186, the number of trades exceeded one million for the third time in a row in 2019.

Increasing investor knowledge
A fundamental element of both past and future growth is the ETF knowledge of investors. That’s why the Swiss Stock Exchange continues to organize events such as ETF-KnowHow with renowned experts. Danielle Reischuk, Senior ETF/ETP Sales Manager at the Swiss Stock Exchange, comments: "Whether as an introduction for ETF newcomers or as an extension of knowledge for more experienced investors, this free series of events (only in German) provides investors with the tools they need to invest successfully in ETFs."

One of Europe’s top 3 ETF venues
In 2019, the choice for investors on the Swiss Stock Exchange has risen by 186 ETFs. As a result, as of 31 December investors enjoyed a choice 1'541 ETFs from 25 issuers. The latest information on market data, turnover and new listings can be found on our website. The Swiss Stock Exchange publishes the latest figures about the growth of its segment in the ETF Market Report.

In 2019, previous editions of ETF-KnowHow focused on index tracking and opportunities to participate in the Saudi market as well as digital provision with securities and sustainable investment with ETFs.