Exchange-traded investment products that track a specific index or investment basket are still highly valued. In the current issue of the ETP & Indexing Guide 2020/2021 you will gain an insight into the constantly growing range of ETFs/ETPs and structured products as well as all trends and innovations at a glance.

In his welcome address, Christian Reuss, Head Cash Markets Swiss Stock Exchange & Head Sales, SIX, talks about the development of ETFs since their first listing on the Swiss Stock Exchange exactly 20 years ago and about the new opportunities for SIX following the acquisition of the Spanish stock exchange BME.

In an interview, Alain Picard, Head Trading Sales & Management, SIX, talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the Swiss Stock Exchange, about the latest trends in the ETF segment, its success story and shows what innovations SIX has in store for its customers.

Solid as a rock in stormy times
The outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of the year has unsettled the financial markets. The Swiss Stock Exchange has functioned flawlessly during this period, posting record volumes across all asset classes in March. Projects and initiatives were continued smoothly despite home office and difficult conditions.

Paradigm shifts in the ETFs/ETPs market
Towards the end of the year, the new service "Quote-on-Demand", or QOD for short, will be launched. This service combines the convenience (automatic processing) of ordinary order book trading with the functions of an RFQ platform, thus guaranteeing best execution across both books. This service will change the way ETFs and ETPs are traded. In addition, the interest in products with crypto-currencies is increasingly growing. The pandemic did not affect ETFs in the ESG sector: they continue to enjoy great popularity.

ETFs segment continues to grow
The first ETF was listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange exactly 20 years ago today. In the meantime, we are close to the 1,600 ETF mark - and new ones are added almost daily. In addition, two new providers with innovative topics such as medical marijuana and cyber security have joined the Swiss Stock Exchange this year. The popularity of the ETFs is reflected in the encouraging turnover in the first half of 2020.

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