Today, the Swiss Stock Exchange is pleased to welcome Jump Trading Europe B.V. as its first new trading participant in 2020. Jump Trading Europe B.V. now joins the 94 participants on the Swiss Stock Exchange, who already enjoy the excellent order book quality as well its leading technological trading infrastructure.

Gregor Braun, Head Sales Switzerland & Europe at the Swiss Stock Exchange commented: "It is our pleasure to welcome Jump Trading Europe B.V. to our exchange and we look forward to further supporting them with our world-class range of services."

Jump Trading is a global research and technology-driven trading firm, which has been operating for more than 20 years, trading across all major asset classes. In Europe, the firm has operations in London, Bristol and Amsterdam.

One of Europe’s Leading Capital Markets
Switzerland is one of Europe’s leading capital markets and the Swiss Stock Exchange is the reference market for over 40,000 securities, including some of Europe’s most important blue chip stocks – such as Novartis, Roche and Nestlé. Not only does the Swiss Stock Exchange provide outstanding liquidity on the lit book, it also operates the largest non-displayed pools for Swiss equities, SwissAtMid.

Become a Trading Participant in Just Four Weeks
For new participants, we guarantee a simple and transparent "onboarding" procedure, which under ideal circumstances is completed within the space of four weeks. We provide expert and reliable support throughout the entire process. Our Onboarding factsheet provides a concise overview of how to connect, including all relevant milestones.

Find out more in our Participants factsheet and on our website.