The partnership between CEFC and the Swiss Stock Exchange is a longstanding one. The two institutions have been working together to foster academic interaction and cultural exchange between both China and Switzerland with a sharp focus on financial services, cross-listing of stocks, entrepreneurship and sustainable development, innovation management and other topics related to the cooperation between China and Switzerland. Now, CEFC and the Swiss Stock Exchange are working together on a joint training project.

The joint training project will address the needs of Chinese entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in Switzerland and in Europe. Furthermore, CEFC and the exchange also intend to cooperate in research fields such as Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Distributed Ledger Technology, and other AI-related applications in banking and finance. The signing of this agreement formalizes the mutual interaction and confirms their joint commitment to support each other in building a platform of exchange serving both Chinese and Swiss societies.

Prof. Minyue Dong, Director of CEFC: “The partnership between CEFC and SIX will enable us to combine CEFC’s resources and expertise in executive education with those of SIX in financial services. It will also provide both Chinese and Swiss startups with a new platform to achieve Sino-Swiss cooperation success.”

Thomas Zeeb, Head Securities and Exchanges of SIX: “The Swiss Stock Exchange is looking forward to working with CEFC to boost our efforts as established in the MoUs with the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. As a leader in the DLT space we are happy to share and develop our approach with CEFC and their connections in China to building a DLT based ecosystem.”

Founded in 2018, the CEFC at HEC Lausanne (Unil) aims to promote the common progress of Chinese and Swiss enterprises and societies and strives to transform scientific research results into concrete actions resulting in positive economic effects.

When it comes to innovation, the Swiss Stock Exchange is at the forefront. The financial industry is going through a period of significant disruption – culturally and technologically. SIX is investing in the evolution and revolution of its products and services in the areas of Listing, Trading and Post-Trade. Not to mention the SIX Digital Exchange, which will constitute the financial ecosystem of tomorrow.


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