The Swiss Stock Exchange’s Stage Program has now UBS as its newest new research partner and Finanz und Wirtschaft as a new provider for factsheets. Baader Helvea and Zürcher Kantonalbank will continue to be involved as research partners.

Launched in September 2016, the Stage Program is an initiative to raise the visibility of listed small and medium-sized companies and helps a growing number of listed companies to expand their presence in the capital market and, as a consequence, with key stakeholders. Since its launch, the program has met with growing interest.

Listed companies benefit from independent research reports, featuring market-relevant data and information on the company. These reports are distributed by banks and target potential investors in order to increase the company’s visibility.  To avoid conflicts of interest, neither issuers nor banks have any influence over the distribution of research mandates. In addition, a data sheet is provided to showcase the performance of each company. Clients of the Stage Program wanting to increase their knowledge can do so by taking part in one of our workshops held with one of our renowned partners.

Christian Reuss, Head Cash Markets at the Swiss Stock Exchange, SIX: “We are very pleased to welcome UBS, another renowned bank. Finanz und Wirtschaft makes a perfect addition to our Stage Program as a factsheet provider. Since its launch the Stage Program has met with growing interest, and 15 companies are already benefiting from it. What companies appreciate most is that there is no direct contract between them and the research partners. In the meantime, 15 companies have already benefited from the Stage Program.”

Further information can be found here.