SIX welcomes Swissquote as its 23rd structured product issuer. Their first product, a 13.00 % p.a. Callable Multi Barrier Reverse Convertible on Logitech and Temenos Group, is listed as of today, 28 January 2022, adding to the unique diversity of Switzerland’s largest exchange for structured products.

With a trading turnover of CHF 20.1 billion and 778,030 trades, 2021 ended successfully for the structured products and warrants segment of the Swiss stock exchange which offers a solid foundation for trading structured products thanks to maximum transparency, efficiency and dependability. By the end of December there were 41,269 structured products and warrants available to the investors.

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange, comments: “We are pleased to welcome Swissquote, a long-standing exchange participant and innovative provider of trading services, now also as an issuer of structured products on our exchange. Swissquote's products offer investors a further investment and diversification opportunity and enrich the exchange's offering”.

Peter Rosenstreich, Head Investment Products at Swissquote, adds further: “Swissquote’s goal to become an issuer for structured products highlights our commitment to innovation and continuous evolution. Listing our products at SIX Swiss Exchange will be the key catalyst for the further development of our retail and institutional client-centric offerings”.

Swissquote is Switzerland’s market leader in online banking. Over three million financial products can be traded on its innovative platforms. Swissquote’s core competencies include global stock market trading, trading and custody of crypto assets, Forex trading and the Robo-Advisor solution. In addition to its headquarters in Gland, Switzerland, Swissquote has offices in Zurich, Luxembourg, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malta. 

Leading Regulated Marketplace
SIX Swiss Exchange is an ideal distribution network for companies seeking access to Switzerland's well-capitalized international investor base and to tap into new growth potential. For investors, this results in a unique securities universe that includes some of Europe's most important equities, a wide range of bonds, and a broad selection of ETFs & funds, ETPs, and structured products that cover a wide range of investment needs.

Investor Protection and Transparency
SIX operates one of the world’s most stable exchanges. SIX Swiss Exchange brings together buyers and sellers from around the world on one central platform, maximizing liquidity. Trading is monitored continuously by specialists to make sure investors are treated equally and well protected. They also ensure that every trade is executed at a fair price. To guarantee maximum levels of transparency which allow investors to make the right decisions, we provide extensive trading information on our website.

Swiss-Made. World-Class.
In 2021, SIX continued to provide financial market participants with innovative, value-adding new services in the areas of reference data, connectivity and trading functionalities. SIX Swiss Exchange was recognized by clients, partners and the industry as a whole via various awards won across the listing and trading realm, including ‘Exchange Group of the Year’ at the FN Trading and Technology Awards. And SIX Swiss Exchange once again won the prestigious SRP Europe 2021 award for ‘Best Structured Products and Derivatives Exchange’ across Europe and the UK. In an interview, Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange, looks back at a challenging but successful 2021.

SIX Trading Key Figures: Year 2021
As volatility dropped to levels below the extraordinary peaks of the previous year, trading activity at SIX Swiss Exchange stabilized in 2021. The pandemic continued to create challenges throughout the year and in February 2021, trading in Swiss equities on platforms outside of Switzerland was resumed in the UK. In this environment, the infrastructure of SIX once again proved stable and reliable, providing the solid bedrock for capital raising in the primary market and price discovery in the secondary market. More