In May 2023, trading turnover on SIX Swiss Exchange reached CHF 87.6 bn, 13% more than in the previous month. With 3.6 mn there were 5.1% more trades recorded than in April.

In the past month, every single segment saw a monthly increase of turnover and trades, while the last trading day in May was the most active, with 239,739 transactions and a turnover of CHF 11.3 mn.

The Swiss blue-chip index SMI declined slightly in the last days of May, finishing the month 1.9% lower at 11,217 points; year-to-date it is up by 4.6%.

A special highlight was the introduction of new order types that make trading on SIX Swiss Exchange more efficient and attractive for both professional trading participants and retail investors: Auction Volume Discovery (AVD) as well as Stop Loss and Stop Limit.

Discover in the new B1G Numbers video below how the new order types have been picked up so far, and also which new records were reached with Quote on Demand (QOD) in the ETF space. 

B1G Numbers: May 2023

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