Trading volumes across Europe have rebounded in 2024, with differences between regions, asset classes and sectors. IPOs have also made a comeback, as highlighted by the Galderma listing on SIX Swiss Exchange. Nevertheless, the market environment remains challenging – also with regards to innovation. 

Adding Value to the Market

In the interview below, Simon McQuoid-Mason, Head Equity Products at SIX Swiss Exchange, looks at this challenge from a market operator perspective and emphasizes the need to be pragmatic when implementing new services: “I think we have a responsibility to develop new products and services in a sensible way and ensure that they actually add value to the market as a whole.”

Simon also emphasizes how innovation that intends to make trading more efficient for all participants should reduce fragmentation, not add to it, and that the implementation effort on the client side needs to be minimized. 

Watch the full video to discover which services introduced by SIX Swiss Exchange over the past years serve as examples of successful pragmatic innovation, from new order books and market models to functionalities and order types across various trading segments. 

The interview was filmed by The Trade during the EMEA Trading Conference 2024, where SIX Swiss Exchange was present with a booth.

Evolution, Not Revolution

In 2023, SIX Swiss Exchange used the period of comparatively low listing and trading activity to pave the way for future growth. Two successful SWXess Maintenance Releases – SMR11 and SMR12 in May and December – introduced several service enhancements, including groundbreaking innovations like ETF QOD Europe and globally unique trading functionalities like Auction Volume Discovery (AVD).

Extending its run of wins at the industry’s most relevant award ceremonies, SIX Swiss Exchange received an Editors’ Choice Award at the prestigious Leaders in Trading Awards in London in November 2023, the third award as best exchange in as many years.