Date 17 March 2022
Time 09:15-18:30 Japan Standard Time
Location Online
Language Japanese
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About This Event

Amidst the growing global interest in the SDGs, financial institutions are required to invest in new growth areas like ESG Investment, Sustainable finance in order for Japan to continue to grow. 
In such an environment, this year's forum will focus on what is required for the future growth of Japan and financial institutions, with experts speaking from the perspectives of business, management and the latest technology.

Driving Sustainable Finance with SIX

Time: 14:45-15:25

Marion Leslie will give you a short introduction about SIX in general and the long-standing presence of SIX in Asia, in particular Japan, while Toshiaki Sunagawa will give you an in-depth overview of the ESG Service Offering and the benefits for investors. Subsequently, Seiji Noda will end the session with an update on our award-winning Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service (SSMS).

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