Annual Results 2017

Annual Results 2017

2017 was an eventful year for SIX. In an environment that remained challenging, operating income was up 5.8%. SIX strengthened its market position through strategic acquisitions. Its operating performance and solid balance sheet allow SIX to continue systematically developing the business and boost the long-term competitiveness of the financial center.

This Is What It's About

SIX can again look back on a successful year with strong revenue growth, in which it achieved a solid annual result in a challenging environment. Through strategic investments and acquisitions, primarily to strengthen its market position in payment transactions, and through strategic and organizational adjustments, SIX created the conditions during 2017 to ensure its long-term competitiveness.

With CHF 1,944.6 million operating income was up 5.8%. This was mainly attributable to the good level of revenues from stock exchange trading, securities custody, and rising turnover in the acquiring business. 

Targeted investments in the future and strengthening of market position

In a year with significant, forward-looking investments SIX posted a solid EBIT of CHF 273.2 million and a net profit of 207.2 million. SIX acquired the Frankfurt-based girocard network operations business from a subsidiary of Deutsche Postbank AG and purchased the acquiring and terminal business of the Aduno Group in Switzerland.

Investing in innovation is also crucial for SIX. It operates in a regulated and at the same time highly technical environment that is undergoing constant,  rapid development. SIX must actively participate in this development if it is to continue to be a relevant partner for its clients and shareholders. Its financial strength, which includes an equity ratio of 80 %, allows SIX to invest optimally in the future in a proactive manner.

In Figures

CHF 1,944.6 million
Operating income 2017

CHF 273.2 million
EBIT 2017

CHF 207.2 million
Group net profit 2017

The sale of a property in 2016 accounted for a year-on-year effect of CHF 26.0 million in operating income, EBIT and Group net profit. Excluding this special effect, operating income rose by 7.3%, EBIT by 0.8%, and Group net profit by 6.2%. 

Operating income: +5,8% (adjusted: +7,3%)

in CHF million

EBIT: -8,1% (adjusted: +0,8%)

in CHF Million

Group net profit: -6,2% (adjusted: +6,2%)

in CHF Million

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