The recurring donation functionality from SIX Payment Services introduces a simplified donation process by aligning digital touchpoints and improving the journey for donors with a smooth and convenient payment process. Donors can subscribe to a monthly donation of an agreed amount. The first donation is carried out using the donor’s credit card via a mobile device. It is also envisaged that at a later stage these initial payments may be made via a mobile or a tablet. For subsequent donations, the donor’s credit card is charged with the same amount as a recurring payment, which will be continued on a monthly basis until the donor chooses to amend or terminate the subscription.

Convenience wins future generations of donors
Automated monthly payments have become a fully integrated element in today’s consumer behaviour – think of mobile phones, the internet, music streaming and fitness clubs – these ‘no-brainer’ payments are more and more common. Directly tapping into this contemporary payment routine opens up a new generation of donors who are now able to support their favourite organisations and causes with an affordable convenient monthly contribution.

The technology behind this is tokenization, whereby sensitive data such as credit card numbers are encrypted and replaced by substitute numbers called tokens. With this solution, World Vision is able to offer donors a smooth one-click start of their donation subscription. The solution is a perfect alternative to direct debit, and in fact more superior in terms of security and speed.

Flexibility to attract a new generation of donors
The recurring contribution platform also benefits donors due to the flexibility it offers. Donors can make smaller, regular donations that work with their personal budget and can select their preferred subscription frequency. For example, donors may be hesitant to make a one-off £100 donation but might prefer to make smaller recurring donations of £10 per month which are easier to budget and financially convenient.

Bernhard Metzger, CEO World Vision Switzerland says: “We are happy that by cooperating with SIX Payment Services we can offer our donors a modern and convenient payment solution. This helps us to optimize our processes and to reduce administrative effort in Switzerland, which means that even more cents of every donated dollar will reach one of the 80 projects we have in 29 countries. Thus SIX Payment Services indirectly supports us in pursuing our mission of helping disadvantaged children in need even more efficiently and effectively."

Roger Niederer, Heard Merchant Services at SIX Payment Services says: “At SIX Payment Services we care deeply about social causes and have actively sought ways to extend the reach of our services and payment solutions to actively support non-profit organisations We are very proud that World Vision Switzerland is now using our services nationwide."

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