Since 2010, authorized users have been able to use Terravis as a standardized digital channel to access two sources of information relevant to real estate in the shape of land register and survey data. A further key element is now being added in the form of public law restrictions on land ownership (PLR land register). Providing a one-stop source for these three elements of land data enables our customers to make their processes more efficient.

ÖREB/PLR is a reliable official information system for the key public law restrictions on land ownership, covering aspects such as building zones, design and development plans, awards of preservation status, noise sensitivity levels and groundwater protection zones. In providing access to PLR data, SIX is increasing the volume of the relevant information it provides to its customers. Landowners, official bodies, public administration departments and the various players on the real estate market will all benefit from the expansion of this service.

In collaboration with the canton of Nidwalden, SIX has been acquiring experience in the provision of PLR data via Terravis since mid-2016. The PLR data of the cantons of Thurgau, Uri, Valais, Bern and Schwyz is also being made available with effect from today, Wednesday, 7 October 2018. Preparations are ongoing for the activation of data for additional cantons.

The PLR land register is a public law register under construction. As such, it is being built and managed by the public sector. Out of more than 150 public law ownership restrictions, in an initial step the 17 most important restrictions from 8 areas have been included in the land register.

Werner Möckli, Head Terravis AG, comments: “Connecting up the PLR land register is a milestone for SIX Terravis. For the first time, customers will be able to obtain a full picture of a property at the touch of a button.”




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