The Swiss companies and banks have also contributed to the success of the SMI, as they have made the SMI a respected index beyond national borders since its introduction on 30 June 1988. Jos Dijsselhof, CEO SIX, emphasized: "With the SMI, SIX has one of the best known benchmarks in the world for the financial industry. We would like to thank the investors, product issuers and the companies listed at SIX for their trust and excellent cooperation.”

With the 20 largest and most liquid companies listed at SIX, the SMI covers around 80% of the Swiss equity market. Therefore, the SMI is the most important equity index in Switzerland and it also serves as an indicator of the Swiss economy. As the Swiss equity market's best-known benchmark, it is used by providers of financial products from across the world as a reference value or underlying for index-based products such as ETFs, funds, structured products and derivatives.

To mark this historic occasion, SIX is sponsoring tomorrow Wednesday, June 19, the entry ticket to all visitors of the Swiss Finance Museum. With the current special exhibition "30 Years SMI: Equity Indices Explained", the museum provides visitors with all the important information about the SMI.

Further information on the SMI and its eventful history can be found on the following webpages of SIX:


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