Cybercrime is becoming more prevalent and protecting against it is becoming increasingly important. SIX created its Security Operation Center (SOC) aimed at finance companies, to deal with this issue.

Mutual enrichment

The cooperation between SIX and T-Systems enables T-Systems to utilize SIX services in industries that place great emphasis on Swiss-based security services. At the same time, both companies are also able to benefit from the additional enhancement to their existing security services. The cooperation allows T-Systems to offer the specific services of a Swiss Security Operations Center to internationally operating, Swiss-based companies.

The solution is aimed primarily at companies not able or willing to run their own cyber security. Setting up and running a Security Operation Center is highly cost and labour-intensive and does not normally constitute the target audience’s core business. Through their cooperation, SIX and T-Systems hope to provide even better protection for all affiliated companies.

As an equivalent to SIX’ SOC, the business-customer division of Deutsche Telekom operates nine Security Operations Center worldwide, including in Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore and South Africa. For companies particularly valuing the idea of receiving services from a cyber-defence center based in Switzerland, T-Systems will, in future, be offering SOC services in cooperation with SIX.

Stefano Camuso, Managing Director of T-Systems in Switzerland, sees great opportunities here: “Security is a key issue for many companies, but they still need a partner to help with solutions. We’re pleased to have teamed up with a strong partner in SIX, who has enabled us to complement our extensive international SOC services with top local services and render them as Swiss-based managed services tailored to the needs of our customers.”

Daniel Dahinden, Head Innovation & Digital, SIX, adds that: "Our main focus is on the financial hub that is Switzerland. This cooperation enables us to make our Security Operations Center accessible and available to additional players from regulated industries. As such, T-Systems Switzerland will be able to offer its customers a Swiss-based solution, which means everyone wins."

For further information on the cooperation and the security services offered by SIX and T-Systems, click here.



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