It is not just invoice recipients who benefit from the QR-bill. For invoice issuers, too, the entire invoicing process will be faster, more efficient and, in the medium term, more cost-effective. (See media release Launch of the QR-Bill in Switzerland)

The Paynet system supports the conversion of QR-bill data for the following Paynet formats:

  • XML 2013
  • XML 2003

Under Downloads, the following technical specifications including the relevant additions for the QR-bill are available.

– In German: Paynet XML 2013 – technical specifications including QR-bill

– In German: QR-bill addition for XML 2003, SAP IDOC, and EDIFACT D01B

Further information on Interconnect availability, XSD files, and other language versions of the specifications is available on request.

For Paynet Upload customers, the conversion service will be available only after the changeover to the new service platform. The Paynet system will then be able to read the QR code from PDF invoices and convert the invoice data into the target format for delivery (e.g. to eBill). In addition, it will be possible to generate a paper or e-mail invoice including a QR code from the transmitted invoice data.