Secure access to infrastructure services is a prerequisite for the reliable functioning of the Swiss financial center. This is why the new Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) communication network was introduced in 2021. It has proven itself as a communication service and will replace Finance IPNet as the access channel from SIX customers as of September 2024. At the end of 2022, SIX informed its customers about this and asked them to initiate the changeover, i.e. to set up an alternative access channel such as SSFN and then to switch to the individual services.

By May 2024, around 90% of affected SIX customers had initiated the necessary work. Approximately two-thirds now have an SSFN connection and are in the process of migrating to the services or have already done so. Both small and large institutions, as well as service partners that have already fully migrated to SSFN, report a smooth process thanks to the close support provided by the service managers of the SIX business units involved. Customers who will continue to rely on access channels other than SSFN (e.g. proprietary fiber connections) are also making good progress.

In view of the approaching deadline at the end of September 2024, all SIX customers with a Finance IPNet connection are requested to follow the fully migrated customers and complete the migration to SSFN in good time.

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