Secure Swiss Finance Network

Secure Swiss Finance Network

For secure, flexible and resilient data communication

A Key Contribution to the Fight against Cyber Risks

Secure access to infrastructure services is essential for a smoothly functioning Swiss financial center. Data exchange among participants has to meet the very highest requirements regarding security and availability in the fight against cyber risks. The Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) is a controlled and secure network launched by the Swiss National Bank and SIX.

The SSFN allows all connected users in the Swiss financial center to communicate securely with SIX, other financial market infrastructures and also with each other. The network is based on the SCION technology developed by ETH Zürich, thanks to which a new level of security, performance and functionality in data exchange processes is achieved.

Initiate the switchover to SSFN now

At the end of September 2024, SSFN will replace the current communication network Finance IPNet. All infrastructure services of SIX that currently use Finance IPNet as a gateway have been prepared for the connection via SSFN. SIC, euroSIC, SECOM (through the webMAX and CCLink interfaces) and ATM Monitoring are already accessible via SSFN.

We advise all SIX customers with a Finance IPNet connection to initiate all the necessary steps for switching over to SSFN as soon as possible. 

How You Will Benefit

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How Does SSFN Work?

The SSFN is based on the SCION technology developed by ETH Zürich and, as a network, acts as a standalone isolation domain (ISD) with its own trust root configuration (TRC) used exclusively by the Swiss financial sector.

The cooperation of the telecommunications providers (providers of SCION connections) enables data communication within SSFN. SIX issues the certificates required for participation. SSFN allows a precisely defined group of users (network participants) to exchange data with each other.
Isolation domains like SSFN combine the benefits of private and public networks. The cooperation and networking of several telecommunications providers increase robustness against failures and attacks. This is because the status of every possible connection is known at all times. If the connection in use fails, the next best is automatically activated based on the rules, and data exchange continues on this connection – normally without any disruption to the application session.

Establishing a SSFN Connection

The latest webinar supports organizations in setting up a SSFN connection
and using SSFN as a gateway to the services from SIX.

Steps to Use

The minimum requirements for using SSFN are a SCION connection, a SCION gateway and the SSFN certificate. For reasons of redundancy, SIX recommends connecting via two different telecommunications providers.

Note: Experience shows that responsibility for setting up and operating an SSFN connection lies primarily with network specialists.

Step What needs to be done? Who can offer suppert?
(see also the list of SSFN service providers)

Analyze the existing connections;
define the configuration of the SSFN connection;
define the SIX services to be accessed via the SSFN

- Provider of SCION gateway
- Provider of SCION connections
- SIX Group Services Ltd (carrier management)
2 Obtain and install the SCION connection(s) and gateway(s) - Provider of SCION gateway
- Provider of SCION connections
3 Apply for a SSFN certificate Provider of SSFN certificates
4 Install the SSFN certificate;
test the SSFN connection
- Provider of SCION gateway
- Provider of SCION connections
5 Create test instances of the required SIX service and perform
connection tests
SIX Group Services Ltd (carrier management)
6 Connection of the production instance of the required SIX service and
use the SSFN for productive data exchange
SIX Group Services Ltd (carrier management)

SSFN Service Providers


SIX Group Services Ltd (carrier management) can help with basic questions about connecting to SSFN.

All the necessary work involved in establishing a connection to SSFN is performed by the SSFN service providers. The following currently approved companies can support SIX customers who are interested:

Providers of SCION gateways



Providers of SCION connections (sometimes with SCION gateway) and/or managed services







Provider of SSFN certificates

A prerequisite for ordering a SSFN certificate is a functional SCION connection.



The aforementioned information is intended solely for information purposes and does not constitute a recommendation regarding the conclusion of a contract. Any questions about connecting to the SSFN shall be addressed to the relevant service providers. Furthermore, SIX shall assume no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or topicality of the aforementioned information.