The IBEX family is growing. BME has just launched the IBEX 35® TR Decrement 400 P, IBEX 35® TR Decrement 450 P, IBEX 35® TR Decrement 4.5% and IBEX 35® TR Decrement 5.0% indices. They all replicate the daily performance of the IBEX 35® total return but are discounted by a constant (the decrement) on an annual basis and, therefore, in terms of performance, these indices are comparable with the IBEX 35® index.

The different versions of these indices discount the decrement either as fixed annual dividend points, with levels of 400 and 450 points, or as a fixed annual percentage of 4.5% and 5%. In all cases, this annual yield decrease is applied on a daily basis.

This type of index, which often serves as an underlying for various structured products, seeks to eliminate dividend risk, i.e. the uncertainty about the future dividend payments of listed companies. This way, issuers of structured products can offer more favorable terms, such as greater capital protection.

These four new indices bring the total number of indicators in the IBEX family to 72. After the IBEX Gender Equality Index, this new index series is the second one following the SIX methodology and is aligned with the SMI Decrement Indices of SIX, which were also recently launched.

Carmen López, Head of Indices at BME, explains that "our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and we are always willing to launch new indices that offer investors new alternatives".