The First Edition of Our Tax Navigator Brochure Is Here!

Following the popular success of our previous insight brochures such as the three iterations of the Regulatory Navigator and the Data Passport, and to give a clear view of this tricky topic, we have decided to create our Tax Navigator.

Our purpose has been to draw a clear and readable map of the full tax landscape worldwide, provide explanations about the various implications these regimes could have on financial institutions and ultimately how SIX, as a global data vendor and regulatory expert, can help you navigate safely in this maelstrom.

“Taxation data on financial products and fiscal Corporate Actions have been developed according to the highest standards, quality and automation. With dedicated national and international Tax Data Support teams, SIX provides the operational support for working with this specialized data set.”

--  Jürg Stalder, Head of Regulatory Propositions, Financial Information, SIX

As a leading tax data service provider, SIX can support you in the areas of transactions, withholding, reporting and suitability in all major markets, by delivering the right data at the right time. Download the first edition of our Tax Navigator Brochure to find out more.