Reliable US Tax Data for Your Compliance Needs

Reliable US Tax Data for Your Compliance Needs

FATCA, IRS Section 871(m), IRS Section 1446(f)

Do you have all the information on the taxation and reporting of instruments falling under U.S. Tax?
Or are you at risk of non-compliance and hefty fines?

Can You Confidently Answer “Yes” to the Below?

  • I am able to identify FATCA in-scope instruments and Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI) and keep up with the updates.
  • I have access to delta at issue for all the US equity-linked instruments in my portfolio.
  • I have the resources to identify and confirm which PTP instruments are in scope of 1446(f)

If Not, Get in Touch!

SIX offers a variety of data packages to comply with US Tax regulations, such as FATCA, IRS Section 871(m) on Derivatives and IRS Section 1446(f) on Publicly Traded Partnerships.

Leveraging its U.S. tax expertise, SIX recently developed a “U.S. Tax” data package in SIX Flex which provides information on the U.S. tax treatment of financial products, including withholding and reporting tax attributes and fiscal Corporate Actions information relating to U.S. taxation.

Key Benefits of Our Service

  • Save time and effort with clear FATCA, 871(m), 1446(f) classification of instruments
  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of identifying in-scope securities
  • Achieve effective withholding and reporting 
  • Avoid potentially difficult and costly consequences

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