According to the Global Custodian survey, SIX exceeded both the ICSD and global average across all of the survey’s categories. Out of a total of 7 points, both international and local clients gave an average score of over 6.

Following the successful expansion of the international custody services of SIX, with team growth in the US in June 2021 and Singapore in February 2022, the ICSD of SIX scored 6.40 for client service and 6.41 for relationship management.

The scores for SIX in Switzerland were also very strong, with ratings of 6.40 and 6.33 for relationship management and client service respectively, mirroring the results for the ICSD.

“As a provider of valuable securities services, SIX prides itself on excellent client service and attentive relationship management. These results validate the value we place in providing the best experience for our wide array of customers globally. As in 2021, we have seen extraordinary market conditions this year, but our commitment to our clients has remained strong, so it is rewarding to see this recognition,” said Marcus Harreus, Head Commercials, SIX.

Conducted by leading securities services publication, Global Custodian, the survey assesses agent banks in major markets on a number of detailed criteria, including client relationship and service, risk and liquidity management, regulation and compliance, innovation and technology, as well as pricing.