Investors have 24 new funds to choose from to construct their portfolio as they wish. Bank Julius Baer is expanding the product range of Sponsored Funds with two dozen investment funds from various providers. The expanded product range includes 20 international and four Swiss investment funds.

Investment funds offer investors the opportunity to broadly diversify their portfolio. The selection covers a wide range of asset classes, countries, regions, sectors, themes and strategies. As a result, investors have access to a vast range of products.

Greater choice for investors
Danielle Reischuk, Senior Sales Manager ETFs & ETPs at SIX Swiss Exchange, said: "These funds, which have been recently approved for trading, offer investors the option to diversify their portfolio even more broadly. For example, investors can invest in the Swiss equity market, or they can invest in companies that are leaders in environmental or ethical criteria. The extended range also offers the opportunity to add growth trends in consumer spending or the Chinese market to a portfolio. We are pleased about the new funds, which are immediately available for trading in the Sponsored Funds segment."

Since the launch for trading of actively managed investment funds in 2013, the Sponsored Funds segment has experienced steady growth. Trading volume last year was more than CHF 700 million. And 80% of all settlements took place in the order book. This year, CHF 540 million in active investment funds has already been traded.

There are currently 454 investment funds from 80 renowned issuers available for trading. An overview of all new admissions is available on our website.

Solution-oriented in every situation
Sponsored Funds offer investors numerous advantages. Investors can buy or sell fund units at any time, which means they can immediately implement their investment decisions. In addition, as with other products, they can place an order with a price limit (along with a valid-until date). Unlike with primary trading, investors can execute orders at transparent prices, as well as enjoying the protection of the trading environment on the SIX Swiss Exchange. At the same time, the proven benefits of traditional investment funds such as diversity and safety remain in place.

Further information on the benefits of Sponsored Funds can be found on our website and in our factsheet