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Trade funds like shares - observe, choose, buy

In our Sponsored Funds segment, investors are always kept in the picture: our high levels of transparency, continuous pricing by market makers and instant order execution in fund trading allow you to react even faster to market developments and to know immediately which price you achieved.

Investors in the Sponsored Funds segment enjoy all the benefits of regulated trading on SIX Swiss Exchange. You can buy and sell investment funds just as easily as shares at any time, creating new opportunities for you to structure your portfolio as you wish and manage it efficiently.

Speed combined with transparency

Sponsored Funds are traded like ETFs or Structured Products in a market making segment. This means you can rely on mark-to-market valuations combined with maximum transparency. In addition, your orders are executed instantaneously and processed automatically.

For further information please read our factsheet[pdf] or contact us:


"Funds in Focus": Invest like Warren Buffet – Value Investing in 2019

A series of articles by Bank Julius Baer looks at topical investment themes in the Sponsored Funds trading segment of SIX Swiss Exchange.