The Ethos Swiss Corporate Governance Index Large launched today is based on the principle of good governance and aims to reduce exposure to companies with significant governance risks, such as the Ethos Swiss Corporate Governance Index launched in 2017. In order to protect investors, those equities that represent increased corporate governance risks will be underweighted, taking into account best practice requirements. Compared to the existing Ethos index that is based on the Swiss Performance Index (SPI), the new Ethos Swiss Corporate Governance Index Large focuses on the 20 largest companies listed on the Swiss stock exchange.

The launch of the new Ethos Index is in response to the wishes of major Swiss institutional investors, as confirmed by Vincent Kaufmann, Director of Ethos: "The increasing use of our indices reflects the growing interest from investors - in particular institutional investors - to address in governance and environmental risks in their investments."

Ethos is a foundation founded by Swiss pension funds with the aim of promoting socially responsible investment (SRI). The foundation currently comprises over 230 pension funds and public utility foundations and is committed to a stable and prosperous socio-economic environment that safeguards the interests of civil society today and in the future.

With the introduction of the new client index, SIX continues the positive development of its index business. "We highly value the trust placed in us by the Ethos Foundation, which enables SIX to calculate and distribute this custom index as well," says Christian Bahr, Head Index Services at SIX.

Further information on the Ethos Swiss Corporate Governance Index Large can be found on our website.

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