This year's Börsentalk 2020 - "New challenges for the markets" - offered professional investors up-to-date information on exchange-traded products and investment strategies. Sustainable investments, real estate and derivatives were discussed at the various panels.

Just in time for the opening of the Swiss Stock Exchange, Martin Spieler talked with experts about the economic situation and addressed current opportunities and risks on the financial markets.

The event was rounded off with the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Jan-Egbert Sturm. He talked about the current economic situation in Switzerland in the face of the pandemic and showed how the situation could develop and what this could mean for the various sectors and companies.

Mr. Buck, the BörsenTalk was held virtually for the first time: what were your impressions?
I had a lot of fun! It took a bit of getting used to presenting into the (almost) empty room, but because of this, there was little distraction and the focus was entirely on content and presentation. It was a bit difficult for the panelists too -  often, they are looking for direct feedback from the audience, which was now missing.

What were your highlights?
I think the discussion between Martin Spieler and Prof. Jan-Egbert Sturm: the Blick newspaper recently published the following headline: "Prof. Sturm demands extra tax for crisis winners".  This was completely taken out of context and could be corrected and explained in a larger context in the conversation with Prof. Sturm. A really good look behind the headlines - watch the video here.

What do you miss compared to previous years when the event was held physically?
Clearly the networking opportunities during the breaks and lunch – unfortunately, this is very hard to replace. In these conversations, ideas are exchanged and developed further, acquaintances are made and deepened, and trust is built, which in turn forms the basis for new business.

Many thanks Mr. Buck!

All panel discussions can be viewed by clicking on this link. The next BörsenTalk will take place on Thursday, May 6, 2021.