For almost 5,000 years, bells have been ringing out across the world to signify the arrival ofmomentous change. And today, though their form may have changed, the symbolism and importance remain key to the communities we build.

For us, the need to ring in change and celebrate a great future for organisations that list on our exchange has never been more important. It represents the beginning of a new, bright and successful future.

This is why companies that list on the Swiss Stock Exchange will now be given a traditional cow bell modernised through the vibrant work of a young Swiss artist to remind them of their remarkable milestone and achievement of going public. This vibrant new memento will replace the trophy that was originally given to newly listed companies.

The Swiss Stock Exchange, which prides itself on being rich in tradition with innovation firmly at its core, has partnered up with renowned and widely celebrated modern Swiss artist Fredinko, to create this unique work of art.

Ina Invest, a spin-off from Implenia, became the first company to receive the bell, and we look forward to handing it out to many others.  

Not only is the bell a fitting symbol of Zurich – the home of the Swiss Stock Exchange – but it also reflects a connection between the traditional and the modern, an excellent metaphor for our own business.