The focus of the inaugural Trading InfoSnack is how the intraday liquidity profile or “liquidity smile”, most commonly used as an indicator of volume and time weighted trading strategies, can also be utilized as an insightful tool for the exploration of market structure. The article What’s in a Liquidity Smile? provides insight into how the shape of the liquidity smile evolves over time and is influenced by different trading models and market events.

Insights on relevant trading and market structure topics
The new Trading InfoSnack articles are data driven research features that provide commentary on market relevant trends, models and microstructure that influence the trading of Swiss securities. The articles are underpinned by in depth analysis compiled by the Swiss Stock Exchange’s Equities team.

Marcello Solida

The Trading InfoSnacks are designed to be brief but insightful summaries of relevant trading and market structure topics.

Adam Matuszewksi, Head Equities at the Swiss Stock Exchange

Whilst the specific focus of Trading InfoSnacks will be on the trading of Swiss securities, the approaches and perspectives constructed also have more broad application across the EU securities trading landscape. The articles will therefore be of interest to trading and market structure professionals with a focus on the EMEA region.

Read the first edition What's in a Liquidity Smile? All Trading InfoSnacks will be available on our website.

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