Stock exchanges play an important role in the global economy by connecting companies with investors and their capital as well as by enabling efficient, reliable trading to provide reference prices as key benchmarks and indicators. How this applies to the exchanges operated by SIX was explained by Thomas Zeeb, Head Markets at SIX, in the “CEO Talk” shown on Switzerland’s TeleZüri TV. (available in German).

The Hallmarks of a Great Exchange
Looking back at 2020, Zeeb explains how the Swiss Stock Exchange maintained foster stability and reduced insecurity in a crisis-focused world and emphasises how important a reliable and dependable infrastructure is for the Swiss financial marketplace.

During the show, Zeeb also enumerates the benefits of trading on a regulated exchange and the qualities that make a world-class stock exchange, such as liquidity and efficiency.

Asked about the non-equivalency of the Swiss Stock Exchange with the EU and the return of competition with UK-based MTFs, Thomas Zeeb points out that this is effectively a return to normal for which SIX is well prepared.

Leading the Way Into the Future (Again)
25 years after the Swiss Stock Exchange became the world's first to switch from open outcry floor trading to electronic trading, SIX is yet again set to start a new era for the Swiss financial center with the imminent launch of the SIX Digital Exchange – SDX.

During the interview, Zeeb provides an insight into how new technologies will transform financial market infrastructure, pointing out the benefits for investors – and the remaining obstacles on the route to the future.

Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Financial Center
When asked questions on the importance of the Spanish Stock Exchange to Switzerland, Zeeb explains the benefits of the integration with Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), operator of the Spanish stock exchanges. Against a backdrop of industry-wide consolidation among exchange operators, the successful takeover strengthens the position of SIX and future-proofs the infrastructure of the Swiss financial center, creating the 3rd largest stock exchange group in Europe.

Besides offering strong potential for synergies and growth, this landmark deal enables all exchanges under the SIX umbrella to provide its clients and stakeholders with additional reliable, efficient and innovative services. Both the Swiss Stock Exchange and the Spanish stock exchange (BME) combine listing, trading, settlement, and custody – all in one place.

Your Swiss Gateway to the World of Financial Markets
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