Within the space of just ten days, two new ETP issuers and one structured product issuer have joined the Swiss Stock Exchange in January 2021: ETC Group, CoinShares and Exane. The two former both launched a physically-backed ETP on Bitcoin in various trading currencies, increasing the choice for investors looking for regulated products with crypto-currencies as underlyings and cementing the leading position of the Swiss Stock Exchange in this space.

Writing a New Success Story
A recent article by ETF Express traces back the growth of crypto products on SIX to its origins in 2016, when Bank Vontobel listed a structured product certificate that tracked bitcoin, later followed by Leonteq with a short certificate and a reverse convertible, all based on bitcoin. More recently, many other issuers listed crypto-products on the Swiss Stock Exchange. 

The first crypto index ETP was listed on SIX in November 2018 by Amun (now called 21shares) – a world premiere at the time. A physically backed ETP on Bitcoin as a single currency was listed by WisdomTree in December 2019, followed by the very first actively-managed Crypto ETP tradable on a regulated marketplace, launched by Bitcoin Capital in July 2020.

Along with the growing number of issuers and choice of products available to investors, trading has increased as well – especially in the recent months, weeks and days. As André Buck points out in the article, the combined volumes traded in structured products and ETPs with crypto-currencies as underlyings on Swiss Stock Exchange are second to none. The trading turnover of CHF 521 million reached in 2019 was more than doubled in 2020, with a record-high CHF 1.1 billion – and after just 18 trading days in 2021, the volume in crypto products already reached almost half that, with CHF 537 million. Since the start of the year, 21,027 trades were carried out, already more than in the entire year 2019 (19,663).

“Competition Brings Innovation”
While the current high investor demand for crypto currencies is certainly fueling this recent growth, André Buck points out that there are also fundamental reasons for the growth on the Swiss Stock Exchange, such as the sophisticated investment community in Switzerland – and the role of the exchange itself, working closely with the financial industry to create a diversified, competitive yet regulated market and providing an infrastructure to investors so they can trade interesting products and gain access to the crypto world.

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Find Your Product
The interest in trading crypto products on the Swiss Stock Exchange remains unbroken. With this rapid growth, it is easy to lose track. To put an end to your search for products with a crypto underlying, the Swiss Stock Exchange recently introduced a corresponding search function and overview for structured products.

Investor Protection and Transparency
SIX operates one of the world’s most stable exchanges. The Swiss Stock Exchange brings together buyers and sellers from around the world on one central platform, maximizing liquidity. Trading is monitored continuously by specialists to make sure investors are treated equally and well protected. They also ensure that every trade is executed at a fair price. To guarantee maximum levels of transparency which allow investors to make the right decisions, we provide extensive trading information on our website.

SIX Trading Key Figures: Year 2020
In a globally challenging environment, various extraordinary events led to persistently high market volatility. Despite the turbulent market developments, the record-high volumes were managed by the Swiss Stock Exchange without any problems. Discover more.