Trading in products with a crypto currency underlying continues to show remarkable growth on the Swiss Stock Exchange. In the first two weeks of 2021, already CHF 381 mio. have been traded – more than during any whole month since crypto products were first admitted to trading on SIX in 2016. ETPs and structured products combined, the billion barrier in trading turnover has been surpassed for the first time in 2020 with CHF 1.1 bn. The number of trades in products with crypto-currencies as underlyings also reached a new record of 48,024.

“Interest in Bitcoin continues to grow. As the world’s leading regulated marketplace for products with crypto-currency underlyings, SIX offers investors crucial benefits like transparency, liquidity and equal treatment. A warm welcome to CoinShares joining our ranks of Exchange Traded Product issuers”, says Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange.

CoinShares is the second ETP issuer joining the exchange in just a weeks’ time. ETPs and structured products combined, investors can now trade 100 different crypto products in the regulated environment of the Swiss Stock Exchange and enjoy more opportunities to diversify their portfolio. CoinShares’ physical bitcoin ETP (BITC) offers investors exposure to bitcoin  in combination with the advantages of an Exchange Traded Product. BITC is physically collateralized with bitcoin - each unit being backed up with 0.001 bitcoin at launch and custodied by Komainu. 

Leading Regulated Marketplace
The Swiss Stock Exchange is an ideal distribution network for companies looking to gain access to Switzerland’s highly capitalized international investor base and tap into new growth potential. For investors, this results in a unique securities universe, encompassing some of Europe’s most important shares, a large bond offering and a broad choice of ETFs & Funds, ETPs as well as structured products to cover a wide spectrum of investment needs.

With the listing of the Physical Bitcoin ETP (BITC) by CoinShares, the Swiss Stock Exchange is further strengthening its position as the world’s leading regulated marketplace to trade products with crypto-currencies as underlyings. Investors can now chose between 22 different ETPs and structured products on bitcoin at SIX. An overview of all products with crypto underlying can be found here. For more information on ETPs, visit this site.

Investor Protection and Transparency
SIX operates one of the world’s most stable exchanges. The Swiss Stock Exchange brings together buyers and sellers from around the world on one central platform, maximizing liquidity. Trading is monitored continuously by specialists to make sure investors are treated equally and well protected. They also ensure that every trade is executed at a fair price. To guarantee maximum levels of transparency which allow investors to make the right decisions, we provide extensive trading information on our website.