After a somewhat quieter third quarter of 2020, trading on the Swiss Stock Exchange really picked up again in the fourth quarter. Although investors are again focusing on the technology sector, interest in commodities, which had been neglected for some time, increased. This is shown in the latest edition of the ETF Market Report.

ETFs on the Swiss Stock Exchange: trading picks up again
The prospect of an imminent vaccination fueled hopes that the pandemic would soon be overcome and that the global economy would recover strongly as a result. In addition, an agreement has been reached between the EU and the UK: The danger of tariffs has been averted and thus a sustainable basis for future cooperation has been created.

The optimism of investors is reflected in the figures: compared to the same quarter of the previous year, the number of transactions rose by 10.16% and turnover achieved an increase of 23.28%. The number of trades in 2020 exceeded that of the previous year by a whopping 60.40%. The ongoing expansion of the ETF offering continued in the fourth quarter. With 45 new ETFs listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange, the total number rose to 1598 at year-end.

Equity ETFs now at the forefront
Commodity ETFs were overtaken by equity ETFs in terms of turnover. Their trading volume in the fourth quarter was significantly higher than in the third quarter. This slight decline in turnover in commodity ETFs was mainly attributable to precious metal ETFs and was largely due to the continued correction in the underlyings gold and silver. In third place were bond ETFs - these benefited from the introduction of new offerings with a sustainability bias.

The top ranks of the 20 most traded securities were led by ETFs on the Swiss indices SPI and SMI, on the US equity indices S&P 500 and Nasdaq and on the precious metals gold and silver. The topic of sustainability continues to be very busy: with 10 550 tickets - the highest number this quarter - the ETF INRG was traded, which aims to replicate the performance of an index consisting of 30 of the largest companies worldwide operating in the clean energy sector.

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