One of Europe’s Top Three ETF Venues

One of Europe’s Top Three ETF Venues

Trade on a Leading ETF Market

Pioneering European ETFs

The Swiss Stock Exchange is a European pioneer of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), having listed its first ETF in 2000. It is now home to one of the most innovative and broadest ETF markets in Europe and a leading destination for ETFs worldwide, with around 1,600 ETFs available to trade from 27 issuers and supported by 18 market makers. In addition our market is designed to make ETF trading as easy and convenient as possible.

We offer ETFs in asset classes as diverse as equities, commodities, fixed income and the money market, as well as ETFs tracking specific themes, industries, sectors and strategies, including blockchain technology and smart beta, real estate and socially responsible products (SRI or ESG), small caps, low volatility, and leveraged and factor products. Short ETFs may also be traded on the exchange, enabling investors to generate returns in bear markets.

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Closing Auction

"At The Close" orders for ETF trading, both with and without Closing Auction bring together buyers and sellers and drive greater liquidity.

About This Service

Investing in ETFs on the market pioneer Swiss Stock Exchange means the ability to track a wide range of markets and sectors with ease. Explore a broad universe of around 1,600 ETFs from 27 Swiss and international issuers and benefit from exceptional levels of liquidity and the highest standards of transparency.

Our ETF Product Offering

Discover our broad universe of attractive investment opportunities: from ETFs covering traditional markets and asset classes including areas such as blockchain technology, smart beta, real estate, socially responsible products (SRI or ESG), small caps, and low volatility or leveraged and factor products. And investors can even trade in eight different currencies.

The Most Important Statistics

The Swiss Stock Exchange makes a major contribution to transparency – not only by publishing all of the relevant trading information, including binding bid/offer prices and offered sizes, but also with additional statistics on pre-trade analytics as well as turnover figures and details of the performance of the traded ETFs.


The Swiss Stock Exchange publishes the ETF Market Report. The quarterly report provides detailed figures about the development of the ETF segment to investors, market participants and the interested public. It provides a broad insight in trading activity, trends and changes in the Swiss ETF market. Want to receive the ETF Market Report on a regular basis? Sign up here

The Swiss Stock Exchange publishes the official notices of listed companies on a daily basis.

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