Exchange-traded investment products that follow a specific index or investment basket continue to be in favor, and those that follow a cryptocurrency are becoming more popular every day. The latest edition of the ETP & Indexing Guide 2021/2022 (available in German) is the perfect companion for investors to keep track of the constantly growing range of ETFs, ETPs and tracker certificates. The Swiss stock exchange has co-published the guide since 2013 and contributes expert articles/interviews and the foreword.

The Trend Is Your Friend

In his introduction, Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange, outlines the criteria and conditions for stock markets – and the trends they ride – emphasizing how the Swiss stock exchange makes the best of them through its competitive and innovation-oriented approach. “The best way to befriend a trend is to set the trend,” according to Reuss. And the focus must always be on the customer, on creating added value for the individual market participant and, in turn, for the entire industry.

Thibaut Vidart, Product Manager, Global Market Data, SIX

The best way to befriend a trend is to set the trend.

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange

The overarching goal to make exchange trading even more attractive by providing additional liquidity sources and functionality. The awards that the Swiss stock exchange has already received this year underscore that – by following such a path – the exchange can repeatedly and consistently succeed.

The Multi-Award-Winning Exchange

In his interview, André Buck, Global Head Sales & Relationship Management, SIX Swiss Exchange, clearly expresses that the key to success lies in close collaboration with the industry. The Exchange's recognition through recent awards, such as the SRP Europe Award for structured products, from XENIX in ETFs and particularly the Financial News Award for Exchange Group of the Year are only possible thanks to close cooperation with the market.

Thibaut Vidart, Product Manager, Global Market Data, SIX

The key to success lies in close collaboration with the industry.

André Buck, Head Global Sales & Relationship Management

Unsurprisingly, Competition Continues to Drive Innovation

The demand for investment opportunities and the trend towards passive investment products is also reflected in the expansion of financial products by issuers. In the current year, the Swiss stock exchange has already welcomed ten new issuers in the ETF, ETP and structured product segments. This has also led to an increase in the number and diversity of products.

The fact that competition inspires and drives innovation is particularly evident in the case of investment products on cryptocurrencies. Here, the growth trend from last year has intensified and SIX Swiss Exchange has expanded its role as a globally leading regulated marketplace. In February 2021 alone, with trading at CHF 1.2 billion, the total trading turnover for 2020 was exceeded.

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A Broad Range of Sustainable Products

Demand for ESG investments has also grown strongly. Investors can already find a wide range of sustainable products on the Swiss stock exchange, including ETFs, sustainable bonds and structured products – as well as the ESG indices for the Swiss bond and equity markets launched in February. To learn more, read the interview with Christian Bahr, Head Index Services at SIX.