Today's listing of VanEck ETP AG’s four new ETPs with crypto-currency underlying reflects the growing interest in trading crypto products at the Swiss stock exchange. This year, in addition to VanEck ETP AG, already 4 new ETP issuers have joined SIX. This increases the range of products with a cryptocurrency underlying that are offered for trading in the regulated environment of the Swiss stock exchange.

With a volume of nearly CHF 4.6 bn trading turnover since the beginning of the year – an increase of 310% compared to the whole previous year - the Swiss stock exchanges further strengthens its position as the world’s leading market place for regulated products with crypto-currency underlyings.

The four new crypto currency ETPs by VanEck ETP AG provide investors with exposure to the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum without having to buy the crypto currencies themselves. Both ETPs are fully collateralized. VanEck ETP AG’s new product offering rises the number of ETP issuers at SIX to 10.

 “Ethereum is the second most liquid crypto currency after Bitcoin. We’re proud to offer 59 products on the two most liquid crypto currencies with a market capitalization of USD 1’000 bn. – SIX is a world leader with its wide crypto product offering, also on an additional 8 crypto currencies. A warm welcome to VanEck ETP AG joining our issuer ranks and further expanding the product range”, says Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange.

VanEck offers active and passive strategies with compelling exposures supported by well-designed investment processes. By providing core investment opportunities as well as more specialized exposures, investors are able to choose between different opportunities in order to diversify their portfolios. For more information on VanEck, click here.

Investor Protection and Transparency

SIX operates one of the world’s most stable exchanges. The Swiss stock exchange brings together buyers and sellers from around the world on one central platform, maximizing liquidity. Trading is monitored continuously by specialists to make sure investors are treated equally and well protected. They also ensure that every trade is executed at a fair price. To guarantee maximum levels of transparency which allow investors to make the right decisions, we provide extensive trading information on our website.

Leading Regulated Marketplace

With the listing of the ETPs with cryptocurrency underlying of VanEck ETP AG, the Swiss stock exchange further expands its offering and thus provides investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio. Investors can now choose between wide variety of ETPs and structured products on Bitcoin at SIX. To facilitate your search for crypto products on the Swiss Exchange, we have introduced this search function