According to the Global Custodian survey, which accumulated 851 validated responses, SIX exceeded both the ICSD and global average across all of the survey’s categories. Having strengthened its relationship management teams by increasing staff headcount to better serve clients across Central Europe, the US and Asia, SIX SIS scored 6.30 for client service. This comes as SIX looks to expand its custody portfolio well beyond its traditional markets.

“Aside from demonstrating remarkable operational resiliency during the pandemic and coping with unprecedented transactional volumes, SIX’s client service never wavered. We kept in constant communication with clients and adapted to the rapidly changing circumstances, supporting customers in very challenging conditions. Our excellent client service is something which we are incredibly proud of,” said Stephan Hänseler, Head SIX SIS.

SIX SIS’s ratings in Switzerland were equally robust, with its scores remaining comfortably above both the market and global averages in all category areas. It scored 6.17 for account management, 6 for digitalization and innovation, 5.85 for liquidity management and 5.72 for asset safety and risk management.

“SIX’s commitment to innovation is well-documented and our digitalization journey following the establishment of SIX Digital Exchange continues to gather momentum. SIX SIS has a proven track record on asset safety and risk management, and this is something we take very seriously. During periods of extraordinary volatility, clients looked to SIX as a reliable and safe counterparty,” said Hänseler.